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The National Academic Achievement Award Foundation is a scholarship fund promoting excellence in student performance in schools and education.

Triple A Scholarship Incentive Program

  • Eligibility

    Open to any qualifying student from Grades 6-12 who demonstrates a 2 point increase in annual grade point average in Math, Science, and English, over the previous school year
  • Initial Incentive Award Amount

    A $250.00* award is deposited into a student's College Investment Account each qualifying year. A sustainability award follows provided grade point average is maintained in subsequent years.
  • College Investment Account

    Cannot be drawn upon by Student Participant until completion of High School Graduation Year under IRS penalty.
  • School District Parent/Mentor Groups

    Provide local administration and community involvement through fund raisers and local business sponsorship.

To establish the Triple A Scholarship in your school, please contact us directly.

*Dollar amounts to be evaluated as Program progresses and is subject to local parent/mentor group fundraising activity.

Mini-Motivator Incentive Program

  • Up to 125 toys and educational materials delivered to each primary school in your district
  • Reaches out to the K-5 student
  • Positive motivation/incentive
We were amazed at the tremendous value the box offered. It contained many books and fun toys. I was able to provide many students with exciting incentives for some of our programs. The recipients were thrilled with the selection. It really motivated the students to strive to do their best.
Dr. Joan Oberer, Principal, Westbrook Elementary Schoo
Throughout the entire year we nominate students for doing random acts of kindness. Every Friday we randomly pick four names out of a hat. Students receive a toy or book from the box of toys you provided. We call the program 'Awesome Attitude'. Students enjoy the incentive of coming to the office and picking their prize. Thank you for helping us provide such a meaningful and motivational experience for the students of our school.
Michael J. McCormick, Principal, Marshall Hill School
Legal Notice

The contents of this web site is for informational purposes only, and does not constitute an agreement of any kind. Qualifying students must meet requirements as set forth in the Triple A Scholarship Agreement which is not posted on any web site.

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